Boost Don’t Stop. 

What’s up everybody! Back at you here for another performance review and this time we got the adidas Crazylight Boost 2015. As you remember, Boost was first introduced into the adidas basketball line through last year’s Crazylight model, and this time they’ve added more. Another addition to this year’s model is the use of Primeknit uppers for a totally new look and feel. I really liked the 2014 model and adidas has added more things to like this year. More Boost. Primeknit. Now, let’s get to it!



More Boost. 13% more of it and that’s just awesome. Though it’s still just present at the heel, it really does a great job in that area and feels great right off the box. The forefoot features standard EVA foam with a targeted adiprene+ area which feels slightly thicker and softer than last year’s model.You won’t feel much on the forefoot right off the box, but give it a few hours and games to break it in and it will start to feel really good. I didn’t really feel any bounce on the forefoot area but it was very comfortable once I broke them in and I loved playing in them. The cushioning keeps you low to the ground at all times but you also get that comfort you need and responsiveness without any lag when stopping and changing direction. Overall, an improvement from 2014.



They fit true to size. The primeknit material molds to your foot and is soft enough to cater to all types of foot shapes. Lockdown was great, even for a woven upper, with the use of lace loops/straps that run down the midfoot area. They just keep your foot hugged in tight to the footbed at all times which is great. The primeknit material allows your foot to move with ease, but still locking it in and containing it which is why I really love woven uppers. After a few runs they’ll fit even better as the material conforms to your foot. I also loved the fit around the ankle and heel area with added foam around the collar for a snug and very comfortable fit. The heel counter also did its job well, keeping my heel from slipping at any time.



Primeknit. If you loved primeknit on their running shoes then you’ll definitely love them on the Crazylight Boost. And if you’ve already played in any woven material, you will really enjoy these too. adidas was able to create the right balance of support and comfort with targeted areas with tighter knit and other areas that allow your foot to move. They’ve also opened up key areas for ventilation around the toe area and sides which makes this a very breathable shoe. If you still haven’t tried playing in woven uppers, the Crazylight Boost should be a good place to start.



The traction has improved from last year’s model. adidas went back to a more traditional herringbone pattern in slightly bigger segments. They worked well and I had no problem playing on indoor courts. Grip was good and I didn’t experience any slipping on stops and direction changes. I haven’t tried them outdoors but the rubber feels a little bit on the soft side so it wouldn’t be a good choice to use them outside.



For a low cut shoe, and a primeknit upper, the Crazylight Boost provides very good support. The external heel counter along with the foam padding around the ankle collar keeps your heel in check and gives a good tight hug around the ankle. Stableframe runs along the midfoot for added stability along the base. Lockdown is great along the midfoot with the use of lace straps that keep your foot locked into the bed at all times. You’re also low to the ground which also helps stability and keeps your foot from rolling over. After a few runs, the shoes just starts to feel one with your foot which is always a good thing. Primeknit also works well with targeted areas with tighter knit for added support.

Overall, I loved playing in the Crazylight Boost 2015. I already loved last year’s model with the introduction of Boost and a mesh upper, but with the addition of more Boost and primeknit, this just takes it up a notch. I’m a big fan of woven uppers and this did not disappoint. Added boost was great and you’ll just need a few games to break in the forefoot cushioning and you’re all set for a smooth ride. Just a solid shoe from adidas overall. You can grab a pair at Titan and adidas stores for P7,995. The midcut version is also available for P8,495.



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