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If you’re thinking of a unique hobby to take up that will pay you back with huge dividends later on, try collecting authentic sports memorabilia.

Signed jerseys, autographed posters, a shoe worn by a famous athlete with his signature, a baseball thrown by a legendary player, even a commemorative t-shirt or pennant, these things have tremendous monetary value simply because they have been immortalized by their famous owners, a historic sports moment, or a legendary place.

Rabid sports memorabilia collectors search for their treasures from all places. They travel, they join collectors groups, they seek out fellow collectors to buy their collections, or they order online. Now collecting authentic sports memorabilia just got easier for Pinoy aficionados. The one and only trustworthy authorized internet retailer of authenticated signed sports memorabilia is now in the Philippines. They are Hall of Fame Authentics or HOFA.

Through this online-based provider, fans of different sports can get their much-coveted signed memorabilia from basketball, boxing, baseball, football, hockey, golf, and soccer athletes around the globe. A vast array of items that range from autographed and even game-worn uniforms, caps, jackets, shoes, posters, balls, among others are just a click away. Launched in 2018, HOFA has over 5,000 choices of 100% authenticated signed items from various athletes –supplied by world-renowned brands like Upper Deck, Panini, and Fanatics. 

How do you get started in this special and unique hobby? HOFA owner and managing partner Ron Uy offers a 101:

Sports memorabilia collecting does not always have to be about GOATs like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant or Floyd Mayweather. Seasoned collectors do go for the legends, all-stars and superstars, but one can start with promising rookies or role players as well and end up with a lucrative haul too. HOFA has items that fit varying budgets with goods coming from a wide range of athletes – from rookies to veterans, and even retired superstars. To start, here are some steps fans may want to consider and think about before diving all in. 

Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks Autographed 8_ x 10_ Dunking Photograph Giannis Antetokounmpo Milwaukee Bucks Autographed 11_ x 14_ Dunk On Lebron Photograph

1. Focus on the sport you love – Pick the sport that you feel a very strong connection to. Maybe your Dad taught you to love the game when you were little. Maybe you fell in love with it on your own. Twenty or thirty years later, you still have that same love and passion for the sport. Buy memorabilia items based on that sport.

2. Celebrate your favorite team –Families often have favorite teams. Wave your family banner high by going for a team item. Or maybe there’s a team you admire through and through and appreciate everything about it. Look for jerseys, t-shirts, signed posters or shoes that will show your loyalty to your favorite team.

3. Honor your favorite player – There will always be sports fans who are going to be loyal to certain athletes through the highs and lows of their career. Take LeBron James. He has played for three different NBA teams but his fans from around the world support him wherever he goes to play. Owning a thing or two signed by your idol, whoever he or she is, will be a treasure for all time.

4. Search for the particular item that you like on the site – Not all jerseys, caps, t-shirts or posters are the same. Pick out the one that suits your taste or really speaks to you. Pay attention to the color, consider the design. Most important, look at the price. Do the necessary pros and cons exercise. Then make your decision.

5. Follow the steps. Now that you’ve made your decision on, pick the memorabilia you want to own and add to cart. Provide your details and check out. You will get a confirmation email that will provide further instructions. You may also opt to direct message HOFA on Facebook and Instagram to ask if the product you want is available even before you purchase it. All HOFA items are inclusive of 12% VAT and are available through different options such as credit card, PayPal, installment, and even layaway plans. Product arrives between 2 to 4 weeks.

6.  Enjoy! – Finally the long-awaited signed ball, or boxing glove, or baseball cap has arrived. It comes in a secure glass case that you can put on display and admire every day. Recall that golden moment when your favorite team or athlete made history. Michael Jordan’s signed basketball? Wayne Gretsky’s hockey helmet? Tom Brady’s football shirt? Tiger Woods’ golf shoes? It’s yours now. 

The best part about starting your memorabilia collection through an online store like hofa,ph is that you can make your sports dreams come true without even leaving home.

Go to or and Instagram  for more information about authentic sports memorabilia.

Mikal Bridges Phoenix Suns Autographed 8_ x 10_ Shooting Photograph Mikal Bridges Phoenix Suns Autographed 11_ x 14_ Spotlight Photograph Mikal Bridges Phoenix Suns Autographed 16_ x 20_ Dribbling Photograph Mikal Bridges Phoenix Suns Autographed Indoor_Outdoor Replica Basketball

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