Get your kids in the game.

Lifestyle sneaker boutique Sole Academy’s kiddie counterpart opened its flagship store, and second branch, yesterday August 5 at Highstreet, BGC. The kiddie sneaker boutique aims to start the young ones early in the game by providing a selection of premium styles from the best shoe brands. The group behind Sole Mini shares how difficult it was to find the best sneakers for their kids without having to go abroad or shop online. And this sparked the idea to put up their own kids boutique sneaker shop to give access to kids around the country to the most coveted pairs from brands like New balance, adidas, Asics, Palladium and Puma.

The Sole Mini BGC store is now open, just a few steps away from parent shop Sole Academy, so bring the kids along and make it a family experience.

Check out snaps from yesterday’s opening and take a quick tour through our video below.

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