KD is coming to Manila to inspire Filipinos to channel their self-belief to reach the top.

Back-to-back NBA champion and Finals MVP Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors is scheduled to visit Manila on Sunday, July 8 and share his stories of self-belief and uncompromising drive to Filipino basketball fans no matter what circumstances they face in life. 

In what will be his first visit to Manila for Nike, Durant aims to share the lessons that brought him this far. From the countless hours spent in the gym honing his game, to the sacrifices he makes for love of the game, to going beyond the fear of failure, he wants Pinoy ballers to push harder every time – even if they have already reached the top. He will be spreading the word and belief of giving one’s relentless focus and commitment to the game with consistency, on and off the court at all times. 

To welcome Durant to Manila, there will be a champion’s welcome held at 9th Avenue across Nike Park Fort in Bonifacio Global City at 12:30 pm on 8 July, where all fans who turn up can get the opportunity to see the back-to-back champion in person, followed by a meet-and-greet session with a select group of Nike members and fans at the store. 

Durant’s tour in Manila will also include a training session with selected ballers who have been consistently raising their game with Nike Hyper Court. He will share some of his workouts, training drills and inspirational beliefs as he leads them to rise to the challenge in the KD Nike Hyper Court Team All-Star Challenge at the Araneta Coliseum.   

Jino Ferrer, Country Marketing Manager of Nike Philippines expressed, “We are thrilled to have Kevin Durant with us this time around for the first time ever in Manila. Fresh off a recent amazing season, this is an opportune moment to welcome and celebrate his journey of hard work and perseverance, which brings him to where he is today, with all aspiring Filipino ballers. We hope he will also be able to feel and experience the enthusiasm of the Filipinos’ puso, where basketball lies at the heart of the nation.”

The KD 11 “Still KD” is available now at Titan and Nike outlets, while limited quantities of the KD 11 “Peach Jam” will be released exclusively at Titan Park Fort and Nike Park Fort on 8 July. 

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