The latest Lebron 14 colorway gets its inspiration from the Agimat, a Filipino word for amulet or charm that is part of a local belief in magic and sorcery. When the Agimat is worn, it is believed that the person wearing it will be offered good fortune, protection from external forces and sometimes superhuman strength. The Lebron 14 serves as an inspiration for all the Pinoy ballers out there to play with passion and pride, and it’s Lebron’s way of telling us that anything is possible.

The Filipino’s passion and love for basketball is extraordinary. We eat and breathe basketball. And, having a Lebron shoe designed and inspired by our local traditions, it just adds more fuel to the fire. It gives us an added sense of pride. Of coming together for one common goal. To always strive for greatness.



The special release of the Lebron 14 Agimat couldn’t have come at a better time, as our very own Gilas Pilipinas enters the SEABA 2017 tournament this week and continues its mission of making it to the Fiba Asia Cup, and a step closer to getting back into the world stage.

Last night, the Gilas Pilipinas players were gifted with the Lebron 14 Agimat during their practice session and said that they instantly felt that sense of pride upon seeing the shoe. There’s nothing better than representing and playing for your own country, and it’s extra special when a Lebron shoe is customized to your own culture.

IMG_3965 IMG_4070

Armed with their very own ‘Agimat’, the Gilas team represents the country with extra motivation and this trickles down to every Filipino who loves the game of basketball, from any level, from any town or city.



With everything that Lebron has accomplished in his career and life, with all the MVP trophies and championships he’s won, he still reminds himself that before everything, he was just a kid from Akron, Ohio. He has gone through all battles, all the hate, all the doubters (even to this day), and still remains focused on his goal as he continues to strive for greatness day in and day out.

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This is Lebron’s ‘Agimat’, and in his case, he might have gotten the kind that gives you superhuman strength. After 14 years in the league with countless playoff games, Olympic teams, finals appearances, Lebron looks like he’s still getting stronger with each passing year. After all that beating on his body, he hasn’t suffered a major injury in his career. That’s just hard to believe. If you look at the ‘Agimat’ neclace included in the Lebron 14, the words ‘The Beast’ are seen on it, and that may be the best way to describe Lebron and what he has done in his career.

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Lebron’s story is a great inspiration for Pinoy ballers all over the country, emerging from small towns, cities, and barangays, waiting for their chance to make their own story. You can be a kid from Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, Tondo, or wherever, and that shouldn’t stop you from striving to be great and working hard.


The Lebron ‘Agimat’ is special. It shows the kind of passion Filipinos have for the game, and how it’s recognized globally. This is our pride. This is our passion. This is our Puso. Para sa Kadakilaan.

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